Continuing Your Education

What you need to know

As Futureshapers consider their own futures, continuing education is often part of the plan. As you strive to be the best you, Honeywell invests in you. You have the opportunity for educational assistance related to your current or future work with the company. In addition, we foster a continuous learning culture through numerous internal learning and development opportunities and innovative technologies.

Online learning

Honeywell's Learning Management System (LMS) offers in-person and virtual learning and training courses to help employees with technical skills, process improvements, personal effectiveness, leadership skills and more. Honeywell Accelerator, our unique learning platform, provides innovative, bite-sized lessons that make learning our processes and tools easy, so that you can be successful in your current job, and your learning and skills advancement are supported for the next one.

Accelerate your learning. Advance your personal and professional growth today.
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Centers of learning

One of the ways that we invest in learning is by creating facilities dedicated to learning with the space and state-of-the-art equipment necessary for effective training. These centers represent a multimillion-dollar investment that demonstrates our commitment to learning as fundamental to individual and shared success.

Tuition reimbursement

If you are pursuing additional education related to your current or future work at Honeywell, you may be eligible for educational assistance reimbursements. The maximum amount for a full-time employee each calendar year is:

  • $5,250 for undergraduate courses
  • $7,500 for graduate courses

Part-time employees are eligible for 50 percent of the annual maximum benefit.

To be eligible, you must successfully complete the course with a grade of B or better, the course must be part of a degree program (associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s), and you must be working toward that degree.

Reimbursement requests will not be processed until the completion of the course and proof of the grade for the course has been provided. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of course completion. Speak with your HR representative to learn more.

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