Welcome to Honeywell

At Honeywell, The Future Is What We Make It. As a Honeywell Futureshaper, we want you to thrive professionally and personally — and Make the Best You.  
We are committed to the well-being of you and your family and provide a wide array of benefits designed to support your physical, mental and financial health to help you Live Healthy and Be Well. 
This website is the place to go any time you have questions about or want to access your benefits.

  • Return to this website throughout the year.
  • Encourage your spouse or partner to visit too. No password is needed to access general information.
  • You’ll find links to all related websites. Note: To access your personal information, you’ll need to log in. After registering, keep track of your credentials. 

Get started. Follow the steps below to choose your benefits. 
1. Learn. We’ve developed several resources to help you make smart decisions about benefits.

2. Enroll in your benefits. You will need to visit three different websites to complete your enrollment. In each case, you must first register. Note: Keep track of your credentials, so you can easily return in the future when you need to manage your benefits.

As a new hire, you have 45 days to enroll for your Health and Insurance benefits online. After 45 days, call Benefits Center at 877-258-3699, for support and to determine if you are still within your eligibility period.

Don’t forget. While enrolling on each website, take the opportunity to choose your beneficiaries. These are the people who receive the benefit in the event of your death. 

Two weeks after enrolling in your health benefits, register on our partners’ websites.
Register before you or a family member needs care, so that the services are easy to access later. Note: After registering, keep track of your credentials. You’ll need them to visit throughout the year.

Bank of America: If you’re enrolled in the high-deductible health plan, you will visit this site to manage your health savings account (HSA).

Castlight: Visit this site to learn more about the cost and quality of services provided by the health care providers in your network, access helpful information and resources, and earn points to redeem for prizes. Watch this video to learn more about Castlight.

Medical Ally: Company code is Honeywell. Some of the reasons to use this website include support if you receive a troubling medical diagnosis, like surgery and cancer, as well as access to mental health services.

Teladoc for Cigna and Horizon plan participants. When you have non-urgent care needs, use telehealth to connect with a doctor by phone or video chat from the comfort of your own home.

There’s an app for that. Many of our benefits partners have mobile apps.