Biometric Screening

Complete your biometric screening by October 11, 2024. The screening gives you access to important information about your physical health and is essential to your continued physical well-being. NEW: This year’s biometric screening includes the HbA1c test to help you understand your risk of diabetes, so you can take steps now to prevent or potentially reverse prediabetes.

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Just like data drives business decisions, data also helps you manage your physical health. A biometric screening gives you the data you need to understand current or potential health risks so you and your doctor can make decisions to help you be your best.

Here’s a few things you and your spouse/domestic partner should know about your annual biometric screening.

1) What does a biometric screening include?

The screening will include:

  • Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic)
  • HDL and total cholesterol
  • New for 2024: A1c (Watch a video to learn why this measure is important.)
  • Non-fasting glucose
  • Height, weight, and waist circumference
  • Nicotine test for tobacco use

2) Who needs to get a biometric screening?

All Futureshapers are encouraged to get a biometric screening even if you aren’t covered by Honeywell’s Medical Plan. Employees hired after 6/30/2024 are not required to complete the biometric screening for 2024.

Important: If you and your spouse/domestic partner are covered by Honeywell’s Medical Plan and do not complete the screening requirement, you may pay a surcharge of up to $1,000 per individual.

To avoid a tobacco surcharge in 2025, you can enroll in a tobacco cessation program through HealthResource or work with a Health Advocate to establish that you are not a tobacco user no later than October 11, 2024. To meet the participation requirement, you must enroll and complete at least one coaching call by October 11, 2024. Contact HealthResource at 1-800-944-4887 for more information.

3) Why should I get a biometric screening?

In addition to the benefits of knowing your numbers so you can make the best decisions surrounding your physical health, you also have a chance to win prizes through our quarterly Castlight sweepstakes!

You must be registered with Castlight to win. You do not need to be enrolled in Honeywell’s Medical Plan to earn these 100 well-being activity points.

Important: If you and your spouse/domestic partner are covered by Honeywell’s Medical Plan and do not complete the screening requirement, you may pay a surcharge of up to $1,000 per individual.

4) Where can I get a biometric screening?

You have three options.

  • Get a biometric screening at work if available at your location. Employees at our larger facilities can schedule an on-site screening. Watch for ongoing communications from your local HR team about dates and times at your location.
  • Visit a local Quest Diagnostics ® Patient Service Center. Schedule an appointment for a screening on the Quest website.

    ARIZONA PARTICIPANTS: Follow the steps above to visit Quest's website first. To schedule an appointment with Sonora Quest, visit, then go to “Patients” and select “Schedule Appointment.” Under “Find an Appointment,” choose “Biometrics (Blueprint)” as the type of appointment. Next, enter your zip code under “Find locations,” then choose a location near you, as well as the date and time. You will be required to login or set up an account if this is your first time visiting the website. For assistance, call 1-855-367-2778. See lab locations in Arizona.
  • Ask your doctor to complete the Physician Results Form at your annual physical. You must select the physician results option on the Quest for Health website and download a personalized physician results form. Your results can be faxed in or uploaded on the Quest website. As part of this process, you must consent to have your results sent to CareAllies, a health management company.

    Watch a video to learn more. The password is Wellness.

5) What should I know before my screening?

Follow these important screening tips.

  • Schedule your appointment on the Quest for Health website early for the best selection of dates/times.
  • If scheduling to use a physician result form, ensure you have downloaded the personalized form for your physician and upload/fax completed results by October 11, 2024.
  • Ensure you receive notifications from Quest via mail or email to receive confirmation your results are processed. (Processing may take up to 10 business days before results are available).
  • Contact HealthResource and complete requirements for tobacco cessation or discuss alternative wellness program by October 11, 2024, to avoid a surcharge.

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