Be Healthy. Live Well.

Honeywell’s well-being benefits help you be the best You.

Honeywell Futureshapers, make an impact, make real connections, and make the best you every day. To help you achieve your goals, our well-being approach includes a comprehensive suite of benefits for you and your families to support all of your physical, mental, financial and individual needs.

Available to current and future Futureshapers—and their families. We offer a lot of different benefits, programs and resources to support your well-being. You and your loved ones can explore this easy-to-use website to see all that is available to you, as well as get your questions answered. Use the navigation or the Search function on the top of every page to learn about all our benefit offerings or find answers to your specific questions.

Always start here when you have benefits needs or questions. We know you’re busy. With this website, you can always start here. If your need will be better addressed on another website or by another resource, this website will direct you!

And now, focus on your well-being and get out there and start exploring! #Futureshaper