Give back. It’s good for your well-being.

people framing a green house

During Global Volunteer month, give back to the ones you love and your community.

Sharing is caring. Whether it be time, energy, or knowledge, sharing is an act of kindness that shows you care for someone. Throughout November, we celebrate our commitment to making a positive impact on the world and our communities. We also support you in caring for the ones you love, whether your raising children or caring for your parents.

Giving back to the ones you love

Honeywell provides comprehensive resources and offers the support you need to care for your family:

  • When it comes to your kids, you’re only as happy as your happiest child. We offer you support when they’re struggling such as tutoring and academic assistance through as well as mental health and substance abuse support through Medical Ally. If you need local support, such as childcare services or information on parenting struggles, you can always reach out to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 800-944-4887, option 4.
  • When it comes to elder care, you may be facing a variety of challenges. The EAP offers information on eldercare services available in your area. Through the EAP, you can take advantage of five face-to-face sessions per issue per year to discuss whatever’s on your mind, including the stress that may come with being a caregiver. In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Call your EAP, Health Advocate, at 800-944-4887, option 4, or visit their website to connect with a counselor. 

Giving back to your community

Make an impact by volunteering your time and talents as part of company-organized initiatives or on your own. You can browse and sign up for volunteer opportunities through Benevity, Honeywell’s global giving site, where you will also find more information and resources about Global Volunteering Month.

Make a difference in the world around you. Care by sharing.