Gift yourself a stress-free holiday

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Manage stress with Honeywell’s resources so your holidays can be filled with peace, love, and joy.

For many, the holidays are the best time of the year – filled with family, celebration, and unforgettable memories. But for others, this time of year can be anything but joyful. Whether you’re stretched thin financially or experiencing the holiday blues, Honeywell provides you with resources to help you manage the season.

Gift yourself the peace of mind that Honeywell resources offer.

Focus on your mental well-being

Honeywell helps you manage concerns both big and small. If you’re struggling with a serious condition such as depression, an eating disorder, or addiction, connect with a team of experts through Medical Ally. If you simply need someone to talk to, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided through HealthResources offers a wide selection of services, including up to five free face-to-face sessions with a counselor so you can discuss how to best manage stress and any other personal concerns you have. If you’re enrolled in a Honeywell medical plan, you also have access to telehealth and in-person visits with board-certified doctors and licensed therapists. The vendor you use for these visits depends on the provider network you have chosen for the year. 

Focus on your financial well-being

Your EAP offers counseling sessions to discuss your financial troubles, as well as online resources and tools to help you manage the stress. Visit the HealthResources website or call a Health Advocate at 800-944-4887, option 4, for more details. If you want to learn more about the basics of finances, including investing and emergency savings, Fidelity provides online tools and resources to help you improve your financial wellbeing. Visit the Fidelity website and look under the Planning and Learning tab for more assistance.

Take a break while at work

Schedule a recharge break for you and your team. Breaks can be from 10 - 45 minutes and vary in content. Some examples include:

  • Chair Yoga
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Yoga/Express Stretch

Reserve your break at least 4 business days in advance. Learn more.

Schedule time off

Time away from work is critical for rest and relaxation any time of year – but particularly during the holidays. Set aside time off to be with your friends and family, or just to get some much-needed rest. See what opportunities are available.

Want to learn more about stress management?

Watch this webinar, provided by Cigna, that helps you tackle stress now, so you can enjoy the holidays later.

Caring for yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. Prioritize your well-being so you and your family can enjoy a happy holiday season.