Families Change. Benefits Do Too.

people holding a smiling baby

Introducing new benefits for growing families

Life changes quickly, and we are here to support you during those special moments. We’re excited to announce three new benefits for our Futureshapers and their families.

Increased parental leave

Effective January 1, 2024, our paid parental leave is doubling from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Plus, the new policy offers flexibility to take two-week increments through the first year of the birth, adoption, or foster child placement.

This benefit is in addition to 6-8 weeks of short-term disability for birth mothers—for a total of up to 14-16 weeks.

Parental leave change may not apply to some employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement, or those employed by FM&T.

Bump Boxes for new parents

New parents of infants will receive a gift box including a onesie, bib, swaddle, and more!

Milk Stork breast milk solutions

Milk Stork provides free simple, refrigerated and express shipping or easy transporting of breast milk for Honeywell employees traveling or commuting for work.

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