Where will your well-being journey lead in 2024?

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Each January, people write resolutions designed to improve their well-being in the new year. If you’re one of those people, know that Honeywell is committed to providing the resources to help you—and all Futureshapers—meet those goals.

We take a holistic approach to well-being. In other words, we focus on all components of well-being: financial, physical, mental, and individual.

January is Financial Well-being Month. Check out the many ways that Honeywell can help you take control of your money.

See a financial wellness tip for every day of the month.

If you haven’t made any resolutions, review the list below to get some ideas. If you’ve already decided to make your well-being (and the well-being of your loved ones) a priority in 2024, take a look at some of the benefits and programs Honeywell provides to help you succeed.  


If you want to focus on managing your finances

Fidelity provides many online tools and resources to help you improve your financial well-being. Visit the Planning and Learning tab to get assistance with a variety of financial concerns, including planning for college and retirement, developing an investment strategy, building emergency savings and more. 

Be sure to log in and check out the new Financial Wellness hub. You can:

  • Take the Financial Wellness Checkup
  • Sign Up for upcoming workshops & events
  • Get fun, daily financial tips
  • Set up goals, and more!

If you want to manage financial stress

Take advantage of the wide range of services offered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), including up to five face-to-face counseling sessions per issue — including financial concerns — per year. In addition, the EAP has online resources and tools to help you manage the stress that comes with financial issues and more. Get help finding solutions and restore your peace of mind. Call a Health Advocate at 800-944-4887, option 4, or visit the HealthResource website.

If you want to manage your retirement savings

Your Honeywell 401(k) plan is administered by Fidelity. Visit Fidelity’s website to:

  • Change your contributions or investment funds.
  • Check out the many online tools and resources they offer to support and improve your financial well-being and future.

If you want to make the most of your Health Savings Account

You have an HSA – and you make a personal contribution too. But could your HSA be doing more for you? New features in 2024: Honeywell will contribute $200 for all employees with an annual salary of up to $50,000, who open a health savings account (HSA).* Plus, for those of you currently investing part of your account balance, a new money market fund is available and the minimum amount needed to invest has dropped from $1,000 to $500.

*HSA employer contributions are available only to Futureshapers enrolled in the Honeywell Medical Plan. This does not apply to collectively bargained employees of FM&T.

If you’ve decided to take another look at your life insurance

Honeywell automatically provides you with basic life insurance equal to 1 times your annual base pay. In the event you die while working at Honeywell, this amount is paid to your beneficiary. In addition to basic life insurance, we also give you the option of purchasing additional group universal life (GUL) insurance. Learn more.


If you or a covered dependent want to eat better or tackle a chronic condition

HealthResource provides individual health coaching — free of charge — to address various health needs, including lifestyle risks and chronic conditions. Call 800-944-4887, and request a coach to help you address your specific need.

If you or a covered dependent want to get more exercise

Honeywell has partnered with a number of gyms and retail stores across the country to offer you discounts. Visit Beneplace, our employee discount site, to learn more.

If competition is your thing, Castlight challenges are a way to improve your health and have fun while doing it. Plus, you can earn points by completing well-being activities that can be redeemed for sweepstake entries. Visit Castlight to see what individual or team challenges are available. Check back frequently for new opportunities. Note: You will need to register if you haven’t already. 

If you or a covered dependent are ready to stop using nicotine (includes cigarettes, chewing tobacco and vaping)

HealthResource offers tobacco cessation support at no cost to employees and their family members. Call 800-944-4887, and schedule a coaching call to get started today.

NOTE: Meeting this goal helps your financial well-being too! If either you or your covered spouse currently uses nicotine, you pay more for your health plan. The tobacco surcharge is removed if you complete the tobacco cessation program.


If you or a covered dependent want to talk to a therapist or other professional

Are you losing sleep worrying about your finances, parenting issues or an important relationship in your life? Or perhaps you or a family member is struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, an eating disorder or addiction. A Medical Ally representative can help you connect with the right mental health providers and/or treatment facilities that you need.  All conversations are confidential. Call 888-361-3944, option 2, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT.

If you or a covered dependent want to lower the stress associated with caregiving responsibilities

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides information about many services (including childcare and elder care) available in your area and an online library of documents about related issues. In addition, you can take advantage of up to five face-to-face counseling sessions per issue — including the stress of being a caregiver — per year. Use the online resources and tools to help you be the best parent you can be. Call a Health Advocate at 800-944-4887, option 4, or visit the website.

If you or a covered dependent want to meditate or improve your sleep

The Honeywell employee discount program gives you access to numerous discounts – including the Calm app. Register on the employee discount website today


If you or a covered dependent want to help your child(ren) get their grades up

When your kids need help with their homework, need better studying habits or tips for test-taking success, Tutor.com has you covered. Tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 361 days a year. You and your immediate family can get on-demand, kindergarten-through-college tutoring in a variety of academic subjects from algebra and geometry to business law and economics. When logging in, your EID/HID is your username. Your password is Honeywelltutor.

If you or a covered dependent are ready to write a will

The MetLife Legal Plans Plus Parents covers you, your spouse, your dependents and your parents for many common legal issues. You simply pay a premium each month through payroll deduction to be part of the plan, and you always have the ability to choose your own attorney. Convenient online resources allow a do-it-yourself approach for some matters such as wills, living wills and powers of attorney. Answer a few questions about yourself, your family and your assets to create these documents instantly.